Kandussi has been producing concrete blocks at its founding site in St. Veit/Glan in Austria since 1962. Further production sites are located in Benkovac in Croatia and in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Our product range is constantly expanding with innovative concrete block products. easyblock is a joint project of Kandussi Holding and Hirsch Porozell, both from Carinthia / Austria.


The modular construction method allows time-saving construction of retaining walls. The concrete mix (C30/37) is acid and frost resistant. It is placed in innovative EPS concrete moulds. easyblock is stripped after the concrete has hardened and is ready for transport only a few hours later. To meet various aesthetic and technical requirements, there are different types of blocks. The easyblock retaining wall system can be realized with corners, gradations and curves.


1. Garden and landscaping design
2. Slope stabilization
3. Shore and riverbank stabilization